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Founded in 1992 by Salvatore Tisi, Dati Ascensori s.r.l. has started its activity in Benevento and Sannio area.
Thanks to the skills and knowledge in the field of its founder, the company has carried on the aim of designing and installing elevators getting a positive response from customers. In 1993 the company enhanced its expertise with the skills of Alberto Tisi, carring on its activities by improving the technological and decorative features applied within its facilities. From January 2003 in order to satisfy an increasing the number of orders, the company has included the Eng professionality in the corporate organizational structure of Dati. In January 2004, because of the increasing of the orders, the partners decided to capitalize on a greater society transforming Dati into a limited liability company. The company has set itself the goal of continuing the tradition and the work of its founders by expanding the sphere of its customers to the public sector.
Dati, thanks to its long experience and its expertise in design and technology, is able to combine tradition and innovation, improving and customizing its own product in order to satisfy a wider number of clients. Dati proposes a wide range of installations (lifts, elevators, escalators and equipment for disabled people) taking care of the design, installation and maintenance through its advanced technologies and its skilled staff, that ensures high quality and operational speed in customer service.
The company, headquartered at Benevento (in the South of Italy, very close to Amalfi Coast and Neaples), is active in the field both nationally and internationally.

DATI Ascensori srl logo 30 anni

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dati Srl is a moment of great emotion for me. I still remember the first steps of the company, the doubts, the uncertainties, the first difficulties and the enormous desire to embark on my entrepreneurial adventure.

A great passion has stimulated me to always do my best, from the choice of qualified collaborators to the search for innovative products and solutions in the field of elevation.

Thanks to my commitment and that of my collaborators, without whom Dati S.r.l. it would not have become what it is today, the company has grown a lot in terms of turnover and market.

During these 30 years some collaborators have retired, others have continued to collaborate with us and still others have joined the team over time, remaining compact in achieving important goals.

I am really happy to celebrate this coveted milestone and above all to share this moment of celebration with everyone.

A special thanks goes to my father, Mr. Pellegrino Tisi, from whom I inherited the determination and courage that many times, in the course of this adventure, helped me to overcome the difficulties and to my brother Alberto, who with his enthusiasm and so much professionalism has always supported me and is still committed to the maximum.

I also have to thank our many customers with whom we have always been committed to creating a relationship based on trust and loyalty.

The 30 years of Dati S.r.l. they were full of objectives achieved with great commitment and sometimes daring choices. My promise is to continue with this intent.

This anniversary, in fact, should be considered not only as one of the most important stage reached but above all a starting point to reach many others!

Salvatore Tisi